Marnie & Harrison


A Magical Week at Casa Violeta

Harrison and I fell in love with Casa Violeta when we visited last October and dreamt of what it would be like sharing the entire hotel with our loved ones. Our experience was better than we could dream of.

Casa Violeta Wedding Marnie & Harrison

First of all, we loved and appreciated everyone on your staff. Everyone was so patient, helpful, friendly and kind to us. We really appreciated the patience everyone showed us because with the wedding, we knew we all were a little extra crazy and your staff kept us calm and relaxed throughout the week. Everyone really made us feel at home.

The food was even better than we remembered! We have been dreaming of the ceviche for over a year and I think we had it every day when we were there. From breakfast through dinner, we thoroughly enjoyed every single meal and are all still talking about the octopus salad and the tostada! The food for our wedding was incredible, oh my god. The food at the cocktail hour was amazing, to share the ceviche with our guests at dinner was so special, and the entrees! We're still talking about the mole! And of course, the desserts were delicious and fabulous. The best creme brulee I've ever had.

I want to thank you for the Rehearsal Dinner and Welcome Party, as well. It was so stunning and unexpected to see the beautiful table setting you all prepared as well as the fun lounge for the Welcome Party! It cannot be said enough just how stunning it was. Thank you so much for doing that.

You've given us and our guests truly a once in a lifetime experience. It was magical, better than we could've dreamt of. We knew by choosing Casa Violeta for our venue that we'd have a beautiful wedding but you all really went above and beyond to give everyone such an incredible experience that they will talk about for the rest of their lives. We are forever grateful and cannot thank you enough. To spend a week at one of the most beautiful places we've ever been with our family and friends was so extraordinarily special to all of us and we will never forget it. As a family we've been talking about when we can go back all together but I know Harrison and I will make a plan to return as often as we can.

I want to thank you again for being so patient with us throughout the wedding planning process, we are so appreciative of you all. We will leave a review on Tripadvisor but is there another place we can leave a testimony as a wedding venue? You've given us the most special gift and we'd love to do whatever we can to return the favor.

Thank you all so much, we're so appreciative of you all. Have a wonderful new year and we hope to see you soon!

All our love,Marnie and Harrison


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