Casa Violeta’s mission is to be that special home away from home for our guests.


A space designed with love intentionally for them to step in and immerse themselves in the beauty and lightness of the present moment, to come out inspired, connected and freed from the burdens of the mind.






Casa Violeta is all about creating positive states of being through the design of the outer spaces throughout our property.


Inspiring creativity through our specially curated environments, our guests are offered the chance to disconnect from the usual patterns of their minds and find themselves in more contemplative, open and relaxed states.


From the beautifully designed cabanas, gorgeous beachfront space, to the delicately prepared food, our intuitive team is the true catalyst for a complete, gentle and inspiring stay.



In 2003, Karla Gutierrez, Casa Violeta’s owner, had a vision of creating an ocean-side sanctuary, where guests could come to recharge and reconnect with their spiritual essence.


As Karla shares, “often times, we are so consumed with the never-ending list of tasks in our daily lives that we put our soul’s nourishment on the backburner, this is why I wanted to build a true respite from such stresses, a place where people could delight completely in their senses and truly escape.”


The moment she set foot on the idyllic property that is now Casa Violeta “she was home”. In her aim to create a peaceful experience for guests, Karla poured her own heart and soul into building a “home” away from home, not only for herself but for every person who comes to stay at Casa Violeta. Sharing her feeling of home with Casa Violeta´s guests is still her main goal.



As an antidote to our fast-paced, technologically-driven world, Casa Violeta offers both natural, physical beauty and a spiritually-rich atmosphere, in which guests can connect to their higher selves.


Whether it be for a romantic excursion, a place to spend quality time with your loved ones or a solo getaway, Casa Violeta will ensure that you leave a different person than when you arrived.


We welcome you to your home…


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